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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Mold Remediation - North Miami, FL

Mold can be a terrible thing to have around, and it can be dangerous and destructive when it gets indoors. From the first instance you notice it growing in your home, you should get it removed immediately. Mold appears on surfaces in a fuzzy or slime form and can appear in different colors like blue, black, green, white, etc. It often thrives in a warm and moist environment and can be harmful to your health and property.

Tulip Carpet Cleaning North Miami understands the risk this fungus can pose to your carpets and furniture, not to mention your home. If left unchecked it can destroy your household items and trigger allergies and respiratory issues. We specialize in mold remediation and complete removal from your home and commercial premises.

If you notice discoloration inside your property, you should contact us at 305-677-9207 for our mold remediation services in North Miami, FL. We can inspect the building, provide mold testing and carry out a remediation and removal service.


Get Rid of Mold with Our Services in North Miami

Our primary aim is to help people get rid of mold in their homes and offices, so when searching for "mold remediation near me" or "mold removal near me" or "mold testing near me", you should rely on our mold remediation team which delivers excellent results. We offer a wide range of services to our clients, and some of them include:

Mold Inspection and Testing

Inspection is often required to help our customers to test and confirm if their homes, offices, or other facilities are infected. It is often the first step before mold cleaning and removal.

Mold Removal

Using our high-end equipment, we can remove mold entirely from your house and remove every unwanted discoloration from your surfaces.

Black Mold Removal

The black color is usually the common form of this fungi, and we also specialize in the expert removal of this variant.

Mold Remediation

As a licensed remediation business, we can help you carry out a complete treatment of infested surfaces and carpets by using our mold remediation protocol that restores your property to its original state.

Mold Treatment

Tulip Carpet Cleaning North Miami is certified for mold remediation, and we help our customers carry out thorough treatment using specialized cleaning chemicals for this purpose.

Surface Disinfection

We provide disinfection to all surfaces that these nasty organisms might have infected after complete removal to leave your home or office in a cleaner and better state.


How Does Mold Appear Indoors?

There are different ways this fungus can infect your home or business. If attention is not paid to some of these reasons, it can lead to an infected environment. These are some of the ways it occurs:

  • Aftermath of Flood
  • Water Leaks
  • Poorly Ventilated Rooms
  • Rooms with High Humidity

When any of these situations occur, especially for a prolonged period, it can infest surfaces and household items. This type of situation often requires the service of highly trained experts in handling infestation. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning North Miami, we offer professional consultations about infestation, mold inspection, and testing. The goal of our remediation services focuses on preventing further damage, cleaning, treatment, and finally, bringing about restoration.

Call and Order Professional Mold Remediation Service

We have a strong team of highly trained and certified technicians to help you get rid of your home or office mold infestation completely. We pride ourselves on our long years of service and professional cleaning delivery. Our accomplishment speaks for us in helping people in North Miami and its environs get rid of mold and make their homes safer. With our advanced equipment and well-trained North Miami mold specialists, we will be able to keep your space free from mold.

In addition, we are pleased to announce our partnership with FDP Mold Remediation in Miami to handle large mold projects. FDP Mold Remediation specializes in handling mold abatement projects with ease. We are always seeking to improve our services for our customers, and we trust this will improve our availability for all.

Do you see or smell mold in your apartment, office or mall? What are you waiting for? Try out our mold removal and mold remediation service at North Miami, Florida.

"This company provides excellent mold removal services in all aspects. Starting with the first call until the very end. A quality mold service! They gave us an estimate after assessing the mold growth in our attic, and that is exactly what we paid at the end. The entire job was great. I highly appreciate it."

- Esteban P.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 305-677-9207
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