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Mold Testing Services in North Miami, FL

Did you know that mold is a natural occurrence in the air? This microorganism helps to decompose organic materials. However, it can get out of hand when there is excessive humidity within your business' or home's space. Mold thrives with humidity. It can make the home unpleasant to live in and the environment harmful to your health. And you need qualified mold inspectors to check your property for mold. And we are there exactly for this.

Do you suspect mold? Try out our mold testing services in North Miami. We expect that you want an excellent service when it comes to taking care of your space. But you may wonder how do we test for mold in your space? We believe that's the question that comes to mind when you search "mold testing near me". And the answer is below.


How Do We Perform Mold Testing?

When the space becomes excessively humid, professional mold testing is required. The same service you need if you have suspicions that mold exists in your space.

We perform mold testing in two main ways: surface sampling and air sampling.

Surface Sampling for Mold

Surface sampling involves taking samples of suspicious substances from surfaces. And we can take these samples in three ways: bulk sampling, swab sampling, and tape sampling.

Bulk Sampling. For this method of sampling, the mold inspector takes a part of the surface for testing. Then, we place the piece inside a container to keep it intact for testing at the laboratory.

Swab Sampling. Swab sampling means taking a wipe at the suspected surface using a cotton swab. The particles of mold if any will latch onto the cotton. Then we can carry out the testing at the lab.

Tape Sampling. Sampling with tape makes use of the adhesive property of the tape. We apply the tape to the suspected surface and fit it on the microscope slide for testing.

Air Sampling for Mold

To collect air samples, we require the air in the space to pass through the testing device. After that, to ensure the quality of results, we carry out samples in an independent certified laboratory to check them under a microscope.

Professional Services for Your Property

We work with O2 Mold Testing in Miami to bring you unbiased mold testing for your property. They are our partners in mold testing, fully trained and experienced to bring you the information you need.

Schedule with us today to get professional mold testing services. Call 305-677-9207.


Mold Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Provide Black Mold Tests?

Yes, we do. Usually, customers are interested in black mold detection when transferring property, either buying or selling.

Mold Inspection and Mold Testing: Is There Any Difference?

Mold inspection is a physical analysis of the mold situation in a space. With inspection, certified mold specialists can make recommendations on how to control humidity, and identify places where mold growth is likely to be occurring. However, mold testing gives more insight. With testing, we can carry out mold identification and know the level of mold in the space. This allows us to decide if professional mold remediation is necessary.

Is Pro Mold Testing Necessary?

Mold can negatively impact the health of any exposed to it. It can also aggravate already existing health issues. For instance, people with allergies to asthma can be threatened by the presence of mold. So, yes, it's recommended to schedule professional services if you suspect mold.

What is the Price of Mold Testing?

We can't assign a single cost to the mold testing service. The reason for this is that prices are dependent on factors that vary. For instance, we need to consider the size of the area and the number of samples gotten from the property. For a cost estimate contact us by phone.

How Long Does Professional Mold Testing Take?

The time required for mold testing is dependent on the size of the space. However, it usually takes about two to six hours for us to complete mold testing on any property, and then several days for the testing results to be returned from the laboratory.

Do you think you have mold infection in your space? Call us to check it for sure!

"This company provides excellent mold removal services in all aspects. Starting with the first call until the very end. A quality mold service! They gave us an estimate after assessing the mold growth in our attic, and that is exactly what we paid at the end. The entire job was great. I highly appreciate it."

- Esteban P.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 305-677-9207
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