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Carpet Cleaning With A Pro Touch

You should leave it to us when it comes to carpet cleaning because that is our piece of cake.

Contrary to the popular belief that steam cleaning is the best method, we do it differently. We believe in steam cleaning but it cleans only the surface of a carpet and leaves the dirt inside. The advice we give outright is that the accumulation of dirt damages your carpet subsequently. From here you can have a picture of why we are different from the conventional carpet cleaning services. Read through for more mind boggling facts.

Preliminary Stage of Cleaning

We start with inspecting the carpet for harsh stains and worn out areas, then we use a special pre treatment spray to dig out all the dirt and grime. This special compound is one our most kept secrets as it can help clean almost any stain and it's pure green with no chemicals.

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The Actual Cleaning of the Carpet

First we vacuum the carpet, a process that removes dirt that has penetrated the surface and sits deep inside of the carpet. This process is immediately followed by a cleaning mist, which is achieved by sprinkling a cleaning agent with water inside of the carpet.

Care is taken not to put too much water on so as not to damage the carpet. This is done thoroughly. At the end of the process, a special liquid with a fragrance is sprinkled again, ensuring that not too much of it absorbs in the carpet. After this stage, the carpet cleaning is almost done. The only process remaining is actually leaving it to dry. While drying, the impact of the liquid comes into effect as you can smell the nice fragrance that comes out while the carpet is drying. All of these processes done on the carpet leave the carpet not only exceptionally clean, but also looking new.

We really care about our clients. We offer quality service at its best.

Take matters to your own hands, call us at 305-677-9207 and enjoy a cleaner home and a better life.

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It's not just our cleaners you can trust it's our office too. When you call us you will get the best service possible with flexible scheduling and many discounts on all of our cleaning service.

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